Ooook! So, I was tagged by the wonderful and beatiful casifyourelistening in the 6 selfie meme thing!

I’m so sorry for my face, is disgusting. I don’t like photos, really. And I change my hair a lot, idw why.

Ok, so I tagged a people that I love very much, because I’m a bad person (and a bitch, yep) ladyorapma lady-lannistarth irisnpl persefono @mundosdepapel jaredpadaleckiisamonster

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  1. persefono ha dicho: oh no, fuck off
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    you’re adorable. i especially like your haircut in the b/w selfie.
  3. ladyorapma ha dicho: Sales monísima en todas <3 <3
  4. irisnpl ha dicho: No
  5. casoween ha dicho: ahh you’re gorgeous and such a cutie and those are all super cool haircuts!! :’))
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