(psst, coloured eyes or eyes the same colour as the lineart? i’m conflicted!)


(psst, coloured eyes or eyes the same colour as the lineart? i’m conflicted!)

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Anonymous asked: omg, a drabble based on that AU gifset you reblogged with human Castiel needing new clothes but not liking plaid shirts like Dean does

I think this is the gifset the anon meant, so it’s loosely based on that [x]


“No, Dean! This is… I look ridiculous.” Cas said as he roughly pushed the curtain of the cubicle aside, glaring down at Dean who had made himself comfortable in one of the fancy chairs in the waiting area of the dressing room.

Alright, so Dean would never pretend that he was a fashion expert, or anything close to it, but he could tell that Castiel did not look ridiculous in the slightest.

“You don’t look ridiculous, Cas. You look really… You look…” Dean muttered incoherently.

And yes, right now was a perfect moment for Dean to shut the hell up, because which word could be used here that didn’t sound tremendously… gay. Cas looked… Hot? Adorable? Handsome? All of those words seemed accurate, but none of them qualified as ‘not-gay’.

Because there Cas was, standing in front of Dean, wearing jeans that actually hugged his ass nicely, and a long-sleeved plaid shirt. The shirt was a deep shade of blue that complimented Cas’ pretty blue eyes. No no, not pretty… Nice. Nice blue eyes. ‘Pretty’ was not at all the right term to describe Castiel’s eyes.

Dean realized that Cas was still staring at him expectantly, waiting for Dean to finish his sentence.

“You look… great.” Dean said lamely.

‘Great’ was a really good choice, very platonic, which was precisely what Dean had been looking for.

“I beg to differ, Dean.” Cas objected, narrowing his eyes as he glanced at one of the mirrors behind Dean.

If it were anyone but Cas, Dean would’ve felt insulted, considering that the outfit that Cas was currently wearing was the kind of outfit that Dean usually wore.

“Look, Cas… I know that this is all a huge adjustment, but you’re human now. You can’t keep walking around in that old trench coat for the rest of your days, alright?” Dean patiently explained for the millionth time.

“So that automatically means that I’m required to wear plaid like you and Sam?” Castiel shot back at him.

Ah, feisty. Another thing Dean liked about Cas. In a friendly kind of way, of course.

“Is there anything wrong with plaid?” Dean asked, daringly raising an eyebrow at the fallen angel.

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yeah… you buy those onions real good…

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deancas alphabet {merthur}
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wow you're really pretty

OMG! I don’t think so, but thank you!! you’re adorable <3


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ladyorapma ha respondido a tu set de fotos “Ooook! So, I was tagged by the wonderful and beatiful…”

Sales monísima en todas <3 <3

Hombre, ya que nos ponemos a enseñar la cara, pues hacemos una selección decente, no voy a poner las que peor salgo xDDD

Gracias :3

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