blue + castiel in 4.16 on the head of a pin

blue + castiel in 4.16 on the head of a pin

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» A message from Anónimo:

Idk man, sometimes cockles feels "played up for the audience" or just a con persona.. Cuz I see them in other videos when they're just interacting with people and it doesn't seem as tender man. :(



And I don’t think that’s true! I mean, this was a completely spur of the moment thing, Misha interrupted their interviews, and LOOK AT THEM!!!




 I am forever in love with that shrug <3 <3

And I’m pretty sure they didn’t know they were being filmed during this





And let’s not forget those precious moments Jensen knows he’s being filmed but forgets he’s being filmed




I mean, they are good actors









But they’re not THAT good.

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Dear Cas…

Dean has started this letter a million times.

Dear Cas:

Things kinda suck without you, not gonna lie.

I started at Bobby’s today. The hours are awesome and he says I’m a natural. Dad still isn’t back, but I’m gonna ask him if I can help him with the Impala when he finally gets home. Bobby says I’m a natural.

Sam misses you. He keeps complaining that no one’ll do his reading list with him. It’s annoying.

How’s France?

How’s Italy?

Are you getting cultured?

It’s weird driving by your house. Everyone is in it except you.

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The living room is painted in a dull light, the fixtures and bodies illuminated only by the television. On screen, the title menu to The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly plays on repeat; the drowning wail of the iconic soprano recorder only challenged by the litany of pitched breaths and quiet moans coming from the couch. 

Amid the empty beer bottles, half eaten pizza, and barely-touched birthday cake, the hushed laughter and pleasure filled hums strengthen. 
Dean’s hands play over the flat planes of Castiel’s torso, exploring the valley between his defined pectorals before eventually finding purchase just inches below. His thumbs press into his obliques, grip tightening in synchronicity with every down thrust. Despite his enthusiasm, Castiel keeps him grounded, forcing him to pace himself and adjust by keeping his own hands firmly planted atop his thighs. 
"We’ve got all night, Dean," he reminds with a husky gentleness, soothing his large hands up and down his boyfriend’s bowed legs and marveling at how perfect he fits around him. 
Dean huffs, reluctantly conceding by easing himself back and focusing on the slow burn of Castiel’s thickness stretching him out. “You just feel so good,” he defends, relaxing his neck and allowing his head to fall back listlessly. 
Cas smiles and seizes the opportunity by curling forward and wrapping his arms around his partner’s hips in a lazy embrace. He licks a trail up his Adam’s apple and lets his teeth scrape against his throat on the descent before closing his lips around it and sucking a light bruise into the spot. The feeling of Dean swallowing against his tongue makes Cas moan out loud; the dull vibrations pulling goosebumps to the surface of Dean’s skin in no time. 
They stay like this for a solid five minutes, just feeling and relearning each other’s bodies until they’re both desperate and literally writhing for it. It doesn’t take long for them to find their rhythm once Cas eases up and lets Dean have at him—it never does. Of course, Dean is just as shameless as ever. 
"Fuck, such a big cock in my ass, Cas. You’re so perfect—fit so perfect, baby," Dean huffs, letting out a drawn out moan as he rocks back and forth and lifts himself up with an unmatched synchronicity that has Castiel seeing stars. 
"Feels unreal, Dean. A-Ah, move for me. Show me what you’ve got," Castiel moans back, hands gripping two generous handfuls of his boyfriend’s perfect bottom to encourage him into a quicker tempo. 

Dean wets his lips and grins mischievously when Castiel finally gives in. He plants his hands against his chest for leverage and starts his slow ride, easing himself on and off of his lover’s rigid member at a steadily growing pace. The feeling of Cas’ fingernails digging crescents into his backside serves as some encouragement but when he feels Castiel plop something atop his head, the floodgates open. 
Dean reopens his eyes and peers down at his boyfriend with a bemused expression, a cowboy hat sitting crookedly against his disheveled hair. It came with the boxset of his favorite Western flick that Cas had gotten him for his birthday and while they had tried it on for shits and giggles prior, Dean couldn’t think of a better use for it than this. 
"You call that riding, cowboy?” Castiel purrs, earning a downright filthy growl from Dean at the challenge. 
Needless to say, Dean rides the everloving hell out of Castiel after that. 
While Cas bucks up into him from below, Dean slams himself down, keeping one hand rooted against Castiel’s middle while holding onto his hat with the other. Cas continues to grit out words of encouragement through his teeth, his vibrant blue eyes glazed over with lust for the gorgeous man bouncing on his lap, and Dean just loses himself in his task. 
"Getting so tight, Dean. You going to come without touching that pretty cock, cowboy?" Castiel grins, watching the way Dean grinds down against his belly every so often and marveling at the way his stomach contracts and tightens as he nears his orgasm. The sight of his boyfriend coming undone on top of him is more than enough to bring him to his own climax but he holds out, wanting the birthday boy to come first. 
Fortunately, the dirty talk leaves Dean peaking in no time. He comes with a strangled shout and watches with sloped eyebrows as he paints Castiel’s stomach in hot, white stripes of come. His cock twitches and pulses wildly against his stomach while he rides out his orgasm, while simultaneously milking Cas for all he’s worth. 
He follows suit shortly after, gripping onto Dean’s hips hard enough to leave little bruises just above his hipbones. With a breathless cry, Castiel bucks up hard and groans weakly as the warmth in his core erupts and spreads until he’s completely tapped out and beyond satisfied. 
When Dean slumps against him, Cas slips out of him easily with an obscene sound that leaves him smirking. He wraps his arms around the other’s waist and laughs through his nose as Dean tips his hat back and smiles down at him with the most affectionate stare. 
"Happy Birthday, cowboy," Castiel murmurs against his temple, pressing a hard kiss there. 
They end up dozing off right there on the couch but sometime during the night, Dean shuts off the movie and coaxes Cas back in the bedroom with the promise that he’ll make breakfast tomorrow in nothing but the cowboy hat. 
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character tropes → Jimmy Novak

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Á la Mode 


Dean was rearranging the tubs of ice cream in the back freezer when he heard the bell on the door jingle.

“Jo, there’s a customer!” He shouted over his shoulder, hopefully loud enough for Jo to hear. He turned back to the pile of Cookies and Cream tubs that needed to be situated. He had a firm grasp on one of the slippery tubs, a mantra of ‘lift with your legs, not your back’ playing in his head, when Jo poked her head around the corner.

“This one’s for you, lover boy.” She grinned and nudged him aside, lifting the tub with ease and only slightly bruising Dean’s ego.

“What do you mean? It’s your shift on register.” She turned to look at him and cocked an eyebrow.

“A pair of blue eyes you’ve been drooling over for months says otherwise.”

“Shit, it’s Cas?” He scrambled to find his apron and standard issued Baskin Robbins visor. “What day is it? Isn’t it the 18th?”

“Last I checked, why?”

“No reason. I’ll be back.” He nearly skidded out of the storage room.

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but cas growing up in a really conservative community and not really knowing much about sex or anything to do with sexuality 

one day, cas is out with his family, just shopping at the local grocery market, and in walks dean winchester - leather jacket, black t-shirt, denim jeans with rips and holes in them, dark boots, and a gorgeous face, with bright sparkling eyes, and a cocky grin. 

cas is blown away by this gorgeous guy and he just feels it in his gut that it isn’t girls that make him happy, it’s boys - he dreams of muscled arms and a heavy cock stuffing him wide open

cas not knowing what to do 

dean flirting with cas mercilessly in the store while his mother is distracted

cas being all flustered

dean and cas sneaking around to experiment together 

dean making cas scream into his pillow when he sneaks into cas’ room one night 


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